Project End-Of-Service Benefits System and Retirement Fund 
Client Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa 
Associated Firm  
Location Sudan 
Type Management 
Sectors Management Consulting 
Date 11/2002 - 12/2003 
Brief Description:

Two different options for an end-of-service benefits systems where developed to satisfy the need to add an attractive end-of-service component to the package offered by the bank who is on a continuous search for highly qualified staff, especially development officer, technical and financial experts/analysts.

  1. Option one retirement fund

    A study, comprising actuary calculations and cost projections, was proposed. But it seemed that the fund management is too demanding. The second option was then considered.

  2. Option two: reviewing the most recent end-of-service benefits system.

    A study aiming at upgrading the end-of-service system and increasing its benefits was performed and was agreed by the client as it seems to fit his demands.