Project The Cultural Heritage and Urban Development (CHUD) Project –Supervision of Construction Contracts for Urban Development & Conservation, and Engineering Study for Traffic and Road Improvement in the Old City of Tripoli. 
Client Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) 
Associated Firm Bitar Consultants 
Location Lebanon 
Type Engineering 
Sectors General Buildings And Architecture 
Date 2005 
Brief Description:

Narrative Description of Project:
The Cultural Heritage and Urban Development (CHUD) Project is an initiative undertaken by the Government of Lebanon and with the support of the World Bank, Agence Francaise de Developpement, Government of Italy and Government of France, with the purpose of protecting, rehabilitating, and revitalizing selected Lebanese archaeological and core historical sites.
The project aims at improving the quality of urban life of the local residents in and around the old city of Tripoli. As a result of this project, a better access to the medina will be provided while freeing it of vehicular traffic; public spaces of great value will regain their pedestrian qualities; a popular market serving the historic city will be provided with better facilities.
The main components of the project are:
1. Moving the vegetable market to a platform covering River Abou Ali Channel.
2. Passing the traffic to Zghorta through an underpass and Bridge improvement.
3. Access to spaces, traffic circulation, parking improvements and landscaping.
4. Water supply, sanitation and utility connections in the historic city.

Description of Actual Services Provided:

Construction supervision services for the complete project involving:
- Quality, Quantity and Time Control of the construction works which occur in an urban setting in a historic city.
- Health, safety and Environmental Monitoring, and Protection of cultural heritage and archaeological remains.
- Optimize the construction activities to the minimal detriment of those of the inhabitants by: reducing negative impacts on abutting properties, detouring of traffic, maintaining access to shops, minimizing the nuisances associated with the construction activities...
- Coordination with other related projects under construction in the same areas.
- Liaise with all stakeholders: funding institutions, DGU, DGA, the Municipality of Tripoli, various citizen groups and NGOs.
- The supervised construction contracts included:
• Souks rehabilitation, including infrastructure and shops and upper floors facades
• Three residential buildings to house displaced Khan-al-Askar squatters.
• Improvement and landscaping of Burtasi Mosque courtyard
• Painting of Facades of Dohr el Mogher
• Construction of Nahr Abou Ali platform composed of post-tensioned girders supported on piers carried by piles on both sides of Nahr Abouli Channel and the kiosks over it
• Streets improvement and Mawlawiya Bridge approaches
• Stabilization of slopes on road leading to Zghorta utilizing reinforced earth embankments
• Rehabilitation of historic Khan al Askar caravan serial.