Project Transport Corridors Project / Construction Supervision & Related Services for Rehabilitation of Expressway No. I - R7 & R8 
Client Ministry Of Construction And Housing And General Municipalities 
Associated Firm -  
Location Iraq 
Type Engineering 
Sectors Transportation & Highway 
Date March 2016 - Ongoing 
Brief Description:

Narrative Description of Project:
Objectives of these consulting services are to Provide necessary technical assistance to the Roads and Bridges Directorate PMT in the:

  • 1- Bidding process,
  • 2- Pre bid conference, evaluation of bids and contract award and signing and, Land over approved detailed design drawings and instructions to the contractor,
  • 3- supervise work contracts to ensure that the executed works comply with the approved design internationally acceptable technical specifications environmental and social safeguards and sound engineering practice,
  • 4- Prepare final construction reports and compile full set of as-built drawings of all completed works.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

  • 01- Quality Control and Conformity to Specifications
  • 02- Time Control
  • 03- Quantities Control
  • 04- Cost Control
  • 05- Contract Administration
  • 06- Approval of Submittals
  • 07- Environmental Mitigation
  • 08- Social Impact Mitigation
  • 09- Progress Reporting
  • 10- Checking of payment Certificates.
  • 11- Services During Defects Liability Period
  • 12- Closing Contractor’s Account
  • 13- Training of Local Staff

Some pictures for the project :