Project Provision of Architectural and Civil Engineering Design Services for Anah Municipality Building 
Client United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 
Associated Firm -  
Location Iraq 
Type Engineering 
Sectors General Buildings And Architecture 
Date July 2018 - October 2018 
Brief Description:

Narrative Description of Project:
Building consists of two floors, Ground Floor, First Floor, and top. The area of ground floor about 592 m², the total building area ~ 1500 m², including 10 departments distributed among the all floors, with the all necessary of services and facilities as required by UNDP:

  • Ground Floor: contains main entrance, security, guard’s room, offices, lounge, toilets, kitchen, stores, 8 departments.
  • First Floor: contains 4 departments, deputy director room, manager director, guest room, conference room, offices, secretary, stores and toilets, and conference hall for 50 persons.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

Stage I – Concept design , Assessment report:
  • Detailed survey - including taking samples of subsoil
  • Recommendations based on the assessment using all the required modern methods
  • Assessment includes parts under the rubble by removing the rubble and all the required work.
Design Brief , Concept Design Package Including:
  • Proposed Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Concept Design drawings
  • Cost Estimations - BoQs Bill of quantities (priced and non-priced) for whole work/scheme
  • Proposed Implementation schedule
Stage II – Final Design, Final Design Package including:
  • Scope of work explains all the required work from implementer.
  • Technical specifications for the mechanical, electrical and drainage installations.
  • Engineering Estimates - detailed budget for the civil, mechanical, electrical, drainage, and architectural work.
  • Detailed design drawings
  • Detailed method statement and working drawings
  • Detailed civil and architectural drawings
  • Detailed structural drawings
  • Detailed electrical drawings
  • Detailed mechanical drawings
  • Detailed landscape drawings
  • Detailed drainage drawings.
  • Material Specifications including standard coding requirements for materials.
  • Any other documentation required for the tender process.
Some pictures for the project :