Technical Assistance for Implementation of Bus Transit Services

Technical Assistance for Implementation of Bus Transit Services
Public Transport and Railways Authority
Associated Firm
In Association with IAURIF, SYSTRA, SEMVAT
Transportation & Highway
Jan/1996 – Jan/1998
Project Details

Narrative Description of Project:
PTRA (OCFTC) desired to reinstate its services, especially after purchasing 200 new buses and rehabilitating its depot and workshop. PTRA (OCFTC) needed technical assistance in all aspects of running a bus public transport service. This project provided the technical assistance required.

Description of Actual Services Provided:
TEAM INTERNATIONAL in association with IAURIF, SYSTRA, and SEMVAT, were commissioned to provide technical assistance for the Public Transportation Authority to organize the administration, train the personnel, introduce a Management Information System, prepare an operational plan for bus public transport, and supervise its implementation.
The scope of work covered the following activities:
• General Organization:
– Reorganize the Public Transportation administration.
– Evaluate the current status of the personnel and prepare job descriptions for various positions of the proposed organization structure, including job requirements and responsibilities.
– Define the recruitment needs.
– Issue recruitment advertisements.
– Assist in evaluating the qualifications of existing staff and new recruits against PTA’s strategic human resources requirements.
• Human Resources:
– Establish training requirements for the proposed positions. 
– Identify the personnel that need training and define their individual training needs.
– Train the trainers.
– Assist and train the planning department staff on conducting feasibility studies, contract negotiations and contract administration as well as the overall planning.
– Upgrade the capabilities in planning and studies.
• Setup of Operations:
– Specify the required fleet of buses, and identify the route extensions needed, the sizes of buses (large-small), and scheduling of buses and drivers.
• Setup of Commercial Operations:
– Identify suitable techniques to be used for ticketing (on-bus, by machine, membership, etc.)
– Marketing: advertisements on the buses (inside, outside, etc.).
• Management Information System:
– Computerization system requirements.
• Implementation:
– Follow up on all the procedures, making sure that they are implemented correctly.